Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

148 the Gofpel- Myflery I3ireet. VIII, joy heavenly happinefs and glory : hence they con- Chide, that, if good works be a means of glorification, and precedent to it, they muff alío be a precedent means of our whole falvation; and that, if they he not a neceffary means of our whole falvation, they are not at all neceffary to glorification. But though falvation be often taken inScripture, by way of emi- nency, for its perfe&ion in the fíate of heavenly gto- y; yet, according to its full and proper fignification, we are to underil and by it, all that freedom from the evil of our natural corrupt ftate, and all thofe ho- ly and happy enjoyments that we receive from Chrift our Savioùr, either in this world by faith, or in the world to come byglorification. Thus, juftification, the gift of the Spirit to dwell in us, the privileges of adoption, are parts of our falvation, which we par- take of in this life. Thus alto, the conformity of our hearts to the law of God, and the fruits of righteouf- nefs with which we are filled by Jefus Chrift in this life, are a neceffary part of our falvation. God fav- th us from our finful uncleannefs here, by the wafh- ing of regeneration,and renewing of the Holy Ghoft, as well as fromhell hereafter, I?zek. xxxvi. 29. Tit. iii. §. Chrift was called Jefus, i. e. a Saviour; becaufe he faved his people from their fins, Matth. i. 21 Therefore it is part of our falvation, to deliver us from our fins ; which is begun, in this life, by jufti- fication and fan6tification, and perfected by glorifi- cation, in the life to corne. Canwe rationally doubt, whether it be any proper part of our falvation by Chrift, to be quickened, to live to God, when we were by nature dead in trefpafl'es and fins ; and to have the image of God in holinefs and righteoufnefs reftored to us, which we loft by the fall : and to be freed from a vile diflionourable flavary to Satan and our own lufts, and made the fervants of God ; and to be honoured fo highly, as to walk by the Spirit, and bring forth the fruits of the Spirit? and what is all this but holinefs in heart and life? Conclude we