Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

flireet. VIII. OfSanEli zcation. 141 then, that holinefs in this life is abfolutely neceffary to-falvation, not only as a means to the end, but by a nobler kind of neceffity, as part of the end itfeif. Though we are not faved by good works, as procur- ing caufes, yet we are faved "to good works, as fruits and effects of laving grace; which God hath prepar- ed that we should walk in them, Eph: ii. r o. It is indeed one part ofour falvation, to be delivered from the bondage of the covenant of works; but the end of this is, not that we may have liberty to fin (which is the worft of flavery) but that we may fulfil the royal law of liberty, and that we may ferve "in newnefs of " fpirit, and not in the oodnefs of the letter,"Gal. v. 13. Rom. vii. 6. Yea, holinefs in this life is fuch a part of our falvation, as is a neceffary means to make us meet tobe partakers of the inheritance of the faints inheavenly light and glory: without holinefs we can never fee God, Heb xii. tar and, are as unfit for the glorious pretence, as (wine for the pretence-chamber ofanearthly prince. I confefs,fome maybe converted, when they are fo near the point of death, that they may have little time to praçlife holinefs in this world: but the grace of the Spirit is wive live fire, Matth. t. and, as loon as it is given, it will immediately produce good inward working of love to God, and Chrift,andhis people; whichwill be fufficient to ma- nifeft the righteous judgement of God in laving then at the great day, when he Chaff judge every man ac- cording to his work; though Tome poffibly may not have to much time to difcover their inward grace in any outward works, as the thiefupon thecroft, Luke xiii. 40, 43. The third and Tall thing to be noted in this diree- tion,is, That holinefs of heart and life is to be fought for earneftly by faith, as a very neceffary part of our falvation. Great multitudes of ignorant people, that live under the gofpel, harden their hearts in fin, and g'uin their fouls for ever, by trufting on Chrift for