Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Dried. I OfS'anttj4°cation. 145 that we niaybring forth good fruit. Though they are given before the fincere pra(tice of the law; yet they are not given to us inour corrupt 1 nful nature, but in and with the new holy nature: which immediate- lyproduceth a holy praf1ice, though it mutt necef- f'ariiy go before, as the caute before the effe&t : and they are no ether than comforts of thofe fpi.ritual be- refits bywhich bur new (tate andnature is produced; and of which it is conftituted and made up ; as the comforts of redemption, ju{Iification, adoption, tilt gift of the Spirit, and the like. Neither do I intend here any tranfport or ravifhcnent of joy and delight; butonly fuch manner of comfort, as rationallyftreng- thens,in fame meafure,againft the oppreffion of fear; grief and defpáir, which we are liable unto, by rea- fon of our natural finfulrlefs and mifery. This explanation of the fenfe of my affertiorn is fufficient to anfwer fame cOmnionobje£lions againft it. And I hope the truth of it %will be fully eviden- ced by the following arguments. Fi,f#, This truth is a clear confeCtary from thofe principles of holinefs that have been alreadyconfirm- ed. I have (hewed, that cvé niuft have a good perfua9 fon of our reconciliation with God, and of our hap- pinefs in heaven, and of our fufficient ftrength both to will and to do that which is acceptable to God through Jefus Chrift, that we may be rationally in- clined and bent to the practice of holinefs; and that thefe endowments muft be had, by receiving Chrift himfelf, with his Spirit and all his fulnefi, by truft- ing on him for all his falvation, as he is freely pro- nailed to us in the gofpel ; and that by this faith wè do as really receive Chrift, as our food by eating and drinking: Now, let right reafon judge; can we be perfuaded of the love of .God, of our everlaftinghap- pinefs, and our ftrength to ferve God, and yet be without any comforts ? Can the glad tidings of the gofpel of peace be believed, and Chrift and his Spirit a&uallyreceived into the heart, without ar,y:eliwf to rp