Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

144 `Í'h2 GófpelPVfyflery Direet. ;r ; And we are by nature fo ftrongly addicted to this Ie. gal method of falvation, that it is a hard matter to diffuade thofe that live under the light of the gofpel, from placing the duties of the law before the comforts of the gofpel. if they cannot snake falvation ìtfelf, yet theywill be fure to make all the comforts of it to depend upon their own works They think it as un. reafonable to expea comfort before duty, as wages before work, or the.fruits of the earth, before thehuf. bandman's labour, 2 Tim. ii. 6. They account the only effec`ual way to fecure the obedience we owe to the law of God, is, to ground all our comforts on the performance of it; and that the contrary doCtrine ftrengthens the hands of the wicked, by prophefying peace to them, where there is no peace, Ezek. xiii. J.6. 22. and openeth the flood-gates to all licentiouf- nefs. Therefore fome preachers will advife men not to be folicitous and haftyof gettingcomfort, but that they fhould rather exercife themfelves diligently in the performance of their duty; and they tell them, that, in fo doing, their conditionwill be fate and hap- py at laft, though they never enjoy any comfort of their falvation as long as they live in this world. That you may rightly underftand what I have at- ferted. in the direction againft fuch vulgar errors, take notice, that I do not make the only place of gofpel. comfort to be before the duties of the law. I acknoW. ledge, that God comforteth his people do every fide, Palm lxxi.2r.both before and after theperformance of their duty, and, that the greateft confolations dô follow after duty; yet fume comforts God giveth tb his people beforehand, as advance money, to fur.. nifh them for his fervice, thoughmolt of thepay comes in afterward. Neither do I hereby fpeak anypeace to thofe that continue in their finful natural Rate: for the comforts I fpeak of, cannot be received without rej eEting thofe falfeconfidences whereby naturalmen harden themfelves in fin ; nor without that effectual workingof theSpirit=wherebywearennaclegood treep,