Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Direa IX. Of Sandi zcation. 147 every good word and work, 2 Cheß. ii. 17. And it appears how clearly this method is adjufted in feve- rai epiftles written by the Apoftles, wherein they firft acquaint the churches with the rich grace of God towards them in Chrift, and the fpiritùal bief- di ngs which they aremadepartakers of, for their ftrong confolation: and then they exhort them to an holy converfation, anfwerable to fuch privileges. And it is not only the method of whole epifties, but of ma- ny particular exhortations to duty, wherein the com- fortable benefits of the grace of God in Chrift, are made ufe of as arguments and motives to ftir up the faints to an holy practice; which comfortable bene- fits mutt ftrft be believed, and the comfort of them applied to our own fouls, or elfe they will not be forcible to engage us to the praâice for which they are intended. To give you a few inftances, out of a multitude that might be 'alledged; we are exhorted to'praaife holy duties, becaufe we are dead to fin, and alive to God through Jefus Chrift our Lord, Ro. vi. t t. and becaufe fin ¡hall not have dominion over us : for we are not under the law, but under grace, Ro. vi. t4. becaufe we are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit ; and God will quicken our mortal bodies, by his Spirit dwelling in us, Ro. viii. 9, z z, x 2. becaufe our bodies are the members of Chrift, and the tem- ples of the Holy Ghoft, a Cor. vi. z5, tg. becaufe God bath made him to be fin for us who knew no fin; that we might be made the righteoufnefs of God in hits, 2 Cor, v. 21. and hath protnifed, that he will dwell in us, and walk in us, and be to us a father, and we ¡hail be to him foes and daughters, 2 Cor. vi. s8 with chap. vii. z. becaufe God hath forgiven us,for Çhrift's fake; and accountethus his dear chil- dren; and Chrift hath loved us, and givenhimfelf for us; and we that were fornetime darknefs, are now light in the Lord, Eph. iv. 32. and v. j, 2, 8. becaufe we are rifen with Chrift; and when Chrift, who is our life, fhall appear, then we fhall alío appear with T. 4