Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

148 T;-e Cofpet. lly/trery Direa. IX. him in glory, Cola iii. 1. 4. becaufe God hath laid, " 1 will never leavethee, nor forfake thee,"HIeb.xiii. -5. beca,ufe of the manyproznifes made to us, 2 Core viii 1. Search the Scriptures, and you may, with de- ligh+, fee that this is the vein that runneth through gofpel exhortations; and you may find the like vein of comfort running through the prophetical exhort Cations in the Old Teffament. Some may objet, " That the Apoffles ufed this a' method in their writings to faints, who had prac- s' tiled holinefs already, that fo they night continue " and increafe therein." But to that I may eaGly re- ply, If it be a 'method needful for_gro n faints, much more for beginners, that find the work of obedience aloft difficult, and have molt need of ftrong confola. tion. And 'I hope to thew, how we may be able to lay hold of thefeconfolations by faith, in the very firft beginning of. hóly life. B_fides, the gofpel pro pofeth peace and comfort freely to thofe that are not yet brought to holinefs, that, if theyhavehearts to re= ceive it, they.may be converted frorn fin to righteouf- nefs. When the Apoflles entered into anhoule, they were firft to fay, Peace be to this houle, Luke x At their very firft preaching to flriners,they'acquaint- ed them with the glad tidings of falvationby Chrift, for every one that would receive it as a free gift by faith, Mts. ii. 26 and xiii 26, 32, 38 and xvi. 3o, '1. They affured them, if they would but truft hear- tily on Chrift, for all his falvation, they fhould have it, although theywere at prefent the chief of [inners, which was comfort tiufficient for all that duly efteern fpiritual comfort, hungering and thirfting after it, nd this is a method agreeable fothedeiignofthe gof- pel , which is, to advance the riches of the grace áf God in alI our fpiritual enjoyments. God will give is his confolations before our good works, as well as after them, that we may know, that he giveth us everlafting con,falation, and good hope throughgrace, and not through the procurement of our works, 2 rd.,diedl. ii. 14.