Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

,Irso The Gofpel-Myftery Direa. ix Fifthly, The Rate of thofe that are to be brought from fin to godlinefs, requires needfully, that after they be convincedof the vanity of their former falfe confidences, and of their deadnefs in original fin, and :fubje&ion to the wrath of God, they fhould have a fupplyof newgofpel - comforts afforded, to encourage their fainting fouls to holy praaices. How little do many phyficians of fouls confider the condition of their unconverted patients, that are - altogether with- out fpiritual life and ftrength,and are or mutt be con- vinced thereof ? He that prefcribeth bodily exercife to a man lying bed-ridden Under a dead paify, before any effectual means be ufed to ftrengthen him, de- ferved the name of a mercilefs intuiting tormentor, rather than of a wife and tender - hearted phyfician. How unreafonable is it to prefcribe the immediate praEtice of love to Goçi, and univerfal obedience to him out of love, as the means of cure, for thofe that fee nothing but wrath and enmity in God towards them in their preterit condition? What is it but to re- quire a man to work without ftrength, promïfinghim, that he thall have ftrength when his work is done ? for comfort or joy is fo called, becaufe it ftrengthen- eth, Neh viii i o- True it is, that the law, which is the miniftration of condemnation, obligeth them to obedience: but our merciful God expedeth nofin- cere performance of his law, from fuch impotent mi. ferable wretches, in order to their falvation byChrift, till he hath firft delivered them in tome meafure from thofedifcomforts, flarifh fearsand defpondences, that hold them captive under the law of fin and death. "We may require a ftrong heal thyperfon,firft to work, and then to expect meat, drink and wages : but a fainting, famifhed peifon, mutt firft have food, or a reviving cordial, to ftrengthen his heart, before he can work. Sixthly, BothScripture and experience Phew, that this is the method whereby God bringeth his people from fintoholinefs. Though tome of themarebrought