Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Direa. Ix. Of Santtificatiort: I31 under terrors f, a while, that fin may be the more imbittered,aa "." e falvation of Chrift rendered more precious and acceptable to them ; yet fuch are again delivered from their terrors by the comfort of God's falvation, that they may be fitted for holinefs. And, generally, a holy life beginneth with comfort, and is maintainedby it. Godgave to Adam, at his firft ere- ation, the comfort of his love and favour, and the happinefs of paradife, toencourage him toobedience; and, when he had loft thofe comforts by the fall, he was no longer able to obey, until he was reftored by new comfort of the promifed feed. Chrift, the fe- coud Adam, fet God always before his face; and he knew, that becaufe God was at his right-hand, he fhould not be moved, therefore his heart was glad; and his glory rejoiced, Pfalm xvi. 8, g. This made himwilling to bear his agony and bloody fweat, and to be obedient unto death, even the deathof the crofs. God drew the Ifraelites to obedience, with the cords of a man, with the bands of love, by taking off the yoke on theirjaws, and laying meat before them, Ho. xi. 4. David telleth us, for our inftruetion, how he was brought to an holy converfation " Thy loving-, " kindnefs is before mine eyes : and 1 have walked " in thy truth, Pfalm. xxvi. 3. Lord, I have hoped 6' for thy falvation, and done thy commandments," Pfalm cxix. 166. We have feveral examples in the New Teftament of the joy that (inners had in the firft receiving of Chrift, Aets:ii. 4r. And, when the gofpel firft came to the Theffalonians, " they receiv- ed the word in much afiaion, with joy in theHo- " ly Ghoft, r Theft' i. 4, 5, 6. When the Gentiles " heard the word of God, they were glad ; and as many as were ordained to eternal life, believed," Alts xiii 48. The Apoftle Paul was conftrained, by the love of Chrift, togive up himfelf to live toChrift, 2 Cor. v. 14, 15. I dare appeal to the experience of any that obey God out ofhearty love. Let them exa- mine th mfelvesr and confider, whether they were