Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Direst. X. Of SanEli catiost. 5 have been blinded in this point of affurance by many falfe imaginations. They think, becaufe falvation is not promifed to us abfolutely, but upon condition of believing onChrift for it; therefore we mutt firft be. lieve directly on him for our falvation, and, after that, we mutt reflex in our minds upon our faith, and examine it by feveral marks and figns, efpecialiy by the fruit of fincere obedience; and if, upon this examination, we find out certainly that it is true fav- ing faith, then, and not before, we may believe af- furedly, that we in particular (hall be faved. Ott this account, they fay, that our falvation is by the di- ret, and our affurances by the reflex aßî of faith; and that many have true faith, and fhall be faved, that never have any affurance of their falvation as long as they live in this world. They find, by Scrip- ture and experience, that many precious faints of God are frequently troubled with doubt ings whether, they (hall be faved, and whether their faith and obe- 1lience be fincere, fo that they cannot fee affurance in themfelves; therefore they conclude, that affurance nauft not be accounted abfolutelyneceffary to juftify- ing faith and falvation,left we fhould make thehearts of doubting faints fad, and drive them tit defpair. They account that former Protettants were guilty of a manifeft abfurdity, in making affurance to be of the nature and definition of laving faith; becaufe all that hear the gofpel are bound to faving faith, and yet they are not bound a folutely to believe that they themfelves (hall be faved : for then many of them would be bound to believe that which is not declared in the gofpel concerning them in particular ; yea, that which is a plain lie, becaufe the gofpel fheweth, that many of thofe that are called, are not chofen to falvation but perifh for ever, Matth. xi. 16 No i wonder f the appearance of fo great an abfurdity move many to imagine, that faving faith is a trufting or retting on Chrìtt as the only fufficient means of falvation, without any affurance; or, that it is adeter ti z