Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

;ì The Gofpei- /lyftery Dire. X, ing and venturing to truft or rely upon him, in a mere Rate of fufpence and uncertainty concerning our falvation, or with a probable opinion or conjec- tural hope of it at belt. Another objeion againft this doarine of affur- ance, is, That it deftroyeth felf examination; bring- ing forth the evil fruits of pride and àrrogancy, as if they knew their places in heaven already, before the day of judgement: caufeth careleffnefs of duty, car- nal fecurity, all manner of licentioufnefs. And this ánaketh them commend doubtfulnefs of our falva- tion, as necefTry to maintain in us humility, religi- ous fears, watchfulnefs, much fearching and trying our fpiritual ftate and ways, diligence in good works, and all devotion. Againft all thefe contrary imaginations, I (hall en- deavour tomaintain this ancient Proteftant doarine pf affurance, which I have expreíied in the direction. And, firft, 'f fhall lay down force obfervations for the right uuderftanding of it, which will be fuffici- eut to turn the edge of the ftrongeft objections that can be made againft it. Firfii, Obferve diligently, that theaffurance dire£l- ed unto, is not a perfuafion that we have already re- ceived Chrifi and his falvatión, or that we have been already brought into a Rate of grace; but only, that Ood is ?leafed graciously to give him and his falva- tion unto us, and to bring us into a ftate of grace, thoughwe have been altogether in a ftate of fin and death until this prefent time; fo that this doctrine loth not at all tend to breed prefumption in wicked and unregenerate men, that their fiate is good al- ready; but only encourageth them to come to him confidently for a good (late. I acknowledge, that we may, yea, many muff be taught to doubt whe- ther their prefent (tate be good; and that it is humi- lity fo to do; and that we muff find out the certain- ty and fincerity of our faith and obedience by felf- éxarnination, before we can have a well grounder;