Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Mr. HEavEv's recommendatory Letter. We are not to expert much pathos of addrefs, or any delicacy of compofition. Here the gofpe! diamond is let, not in gold, but in Heel: not where it may dif play the molt fprightly beam, or pour a flood of bril- liancy ; but where it may do the molt fignal fervice, and afford a fund of ufefulnefs--Neither is this book fo particularly calculated for carelefs infenfible finners, as for thofe who are awakened into a folicitous atten- tion to their everláfting interefis who are carneílly, inquiring, with the Philippian jailor, What jhall I do to to laved* ? or paffionately crying, in the language of the apofile, 0 wretched man that I am! who ,hall deli- ver nie from the body of this death ¡t ? i f there be any fucli, as no doubt there are many, in the Chrifiian world, I would fay with regard to them, as the lfrael- itifh captive faid concerning her illufirious but afflic- ted mafier, Would Cod my mafier were with the prophet that is in Samaria : for he would recover him ofhis leprefy t. O that fuch perfons were acquainted with the doc- trines, and influenced by the direëtions, contained in this treadle ! they would, under the divine bleffìng, recover them from their difirefs, and reftore them to tranquillity ; they would comfirt their hearts, and there- by cflablY12 them in every good 'word and work t, But I am going to anticipate what the following ex- tragt fpeaks. I Mall therefore only add my hearty wifhes, that you may meet with encouragement and fizccefs in the publication of this truly valuable piece. Since there is, in this inflance, an evident conne1tion between your private interefi and the general good ; I think you may promife yourfelf the approbation and acceptance of the public ; as you will affuredly have ;all the fupport and affiftance that can be given by, Sir, Tour humblefervant, Wefon Favel, near Z orthampton, A v. 5. JAMES HERVEY. 1756. Asis xvi. 30. 11 Rom, vii. 24. t z in s V. 3. j z Thef. ii. r7.