Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Recommendation in Theron andAfpaflo." .f4 It is with great pleafure, and without any diffi- " deuce, that I. refer my readers to Mr. Marfhall's 6,6 treatife on Sanaification. Which I, (hall not re- " commend in the file of a critic, nor like a perfon " of tafle, but with all the fimplicity of the weakeft Chriflian ; I mean, from my OWN experience. It has s'' been made one of the molt ufeful books to my own 6G heart. I fcarce ever fail to receive fpiritual confo, " lation and ftrength from the perufal of it; and was 46 I to be banifhed into forne defolate ifland, poffeffed 6' only of two books befides my Bible, this Should be 66 one of the two, perhaps the firif that I would c1 ufe. 46 Should any perfon, hitherto a flranger to the work, 'e6 purchafe it on this recommendation, 1 muff defire to C6 iuggeft one caution.That he be not furprifed, if,, " in the beginning, he meets with fornething new, 6G and quite out of the common road ; or, if furprif- ' ed, that he would not be offended, but calmly and s' attentively proceed.---He will find the author's de- C6 fign opening itfelf by degrees. He will cifcern more " and more the propriety of his method. And what d' might, at the firft view, appear like a fumbling 66 block, will prove to be a fair and ample avenue---. a' to the place of truth-to the temple of holines--4 4' and the bowers of happinefs." See the third edition of Hçrvey's Theróu and ,Afpafio, vol. rage 336.