Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

t51 The Cofpel 114yery Dire&X not mypeople, there [hall they be called the chit. gL dren of the living God," Rom. ix. 2S, 26. Secondly, The afrurance directed unto,is not a per- fuafion of our falvation, whatever we do, or whoev- er we live and walk; but only in a limitedway thro' mere free grace in Chrift, by partaking of holinefs as well as forgivenefs, and by walking in the way of holinefs to the enjoyment of the glory of God. We. [hall not heartily define or endeavour to affure our- felves of fuch a falvation as this is, if we be not brought firft to fee our own finfulnefs and mifery, and to defpair of our own righteoufnefs and ftrength, and to hunger and thirlt for the fanetifying as well as justifying grace of God in Chrift; that fo we may walk in the ways of holinefs, to the enjoyment of heavenlyglory. The fsi h wherebywereceive Chrift, muft have in it, not only a perfuafion of happinefs, but thefe, and the like good qualifications, that will make it a molt holy faith. Certainly an aifurance thus qualified, will not beget any pride in us, but ra- ther humility, and felf lothing, except any account it pride, to rejoice and glory in Chrift, when we have no confidence in the flefh, Phil. iii. 3. It will not deltroy religious fear, and breed carnal fecurity; but rather it will make us fear going afide from Chrift our only refuge and fecurity, and walking after the flefh. Noah had caufe to enter into the ark, and to abide there with affurance of his prefervation ; yet he might well be afraid to venture out of the ark, becaufe he was perfuaded, that continuance in the ark was his only fafety from perifhing in the flood. And how can a perfuafion of falvation in a way of holinefs, breed flothfulnefs in duty, carelefl'9efs and licentioufnefs ? It Both rather mightily allure, and Rh- us up to " be always abounding in the work of 64 the Lord, for as much as we know, that our la- " bout [hail not be in vain in the Lord," x Cor xv. 58. They that are perfuaded of the free grace of God towardthem, in Chrift, are not indeed folicitous