Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Direet. X, ofSand zcation. rs1 affurance that we are in a Rate of grace and falva- tion already; and that filch an affurance belongetk to that which they call the reflex at of faith, (if a- ny a6t of faith can be made of it, it beinga fpiritual fenfe of feeling of what is in myfelf,) and is not of the effencz of that faith whereby we are juftified and faved: and that many precious faints are without it, and fubjea to many doubts that are contrary to it ; fo that they maynot knowat all that it {hall go well with them at the day of judgement; and that it may be fometimes intermitted, if not wholly loft, after it is gotten: and that we Ihould ftrive to walk holily, that we may attain to it, becaufe it is very ufeful for our growth and increafe in faith, and in all holinefs. Molt Proteftants among us, when they fpeak or write of affurance, mean only that which is by re- fle&ion. And I have faid enough briefly to {hew, that what I affert, is confiftent with the doarine which is commonly received concerning it, and de- Itruaive to none of the good fruits of it ; therefore not guilty of thofe evils that fame falfely charge it with. This kind of affurance which I fpeak of, an- fwereth not the queftion, Whether I am already in a ftate of grace and falvation? There is another great queftion that the foul muff anfwer, that it may get into a ftate of grace, Whether God be gracioufly pleafed now to bellow Chrift andhis falvation upon me, though I have been hitherto avery wicked crea. ture? We muff be fure to refolve this queftion com- fortably, by another kind of afrurance in the direc`b ac`t of faith, wherein we are to perfuade ourfelves, (without reflecting upon any good qualifications in ourfelves) that God is ready gracioufly to receive us into the arms of his lavingmercy in Chrift, notwith- ftanding all our formerwickednefs, according to that gracious promife, "I will call themmy people, which R' were not my people ; and her, beloved, which " were not beloved. And it (hall come to pàfs, that I' in the place where it was laidunto them, Ye are