Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

1 irea. X. Of Saniificátion. 163 Firft, This affurance of falvation is implied in the defcription before given of that faith whereby we receive Chrift, and his falvation, into our hearts. I defcribed faith to be a grace of the Spirit, whereby we heartily believe the gofpel, and alto believe or Chrift, as he is revealed and freely promifed to us therein, for all his falvation. And I fhewed, in the explanation, that believing on Chrift is the fame with refting, relying, leaning, flayingourfelves on Chrift, or God through Chrift, for our falvation. It may be, force will like that defcription the better, becaufe faith was there defcribed by terms that are ordinari- ly ufed, even by thofe that deny the . neceffity of af- furance ; but thefe ordinary terms do fufficiently in- clude affurance in the nature of faith, and they can- not Rand without it. And this fheweth, that many hold the doctrine of affurance implicitely, and pro.. fefs it, though they think the contrary. Believing on Chrift for falvation, as freely promifed to us, mufd needs include a dependance en him, with a perfua- fion, that falvation (hall be freely given, as it is free- ly promifed to us. Believing with a divine faith, grounded on the infallible truth of the promife, if it didnot in fotne meafure exclude a mere fufpence and wavering opinion or conjecture, were not worthy to be fo called. Some may be fo abfurd as to fay, that faith is only a believing, that we fhall be faved by Chrift, if we perform fuch conditionsas he requireth; and then, indeed, it will leave us where it found us, as to any certainty offalvation, until thofe conditions be performed. But 1 have already prevented fuck an abfurditÿ, by (hewing that this believing on Chrift, is, itself, not only thecondition of our falvation, but alto the inffrument whereby we aaually receive it. Believing, being the proper ac`I of faith, muff needs have the famecontraries to it : as flaggering, Rom. iv. 2o. wavering, IHeb. x. 23. doubting, Matth. xiv. 31. fear, Mark v. 36. Thefe contraries do much it luftrate the nature offaith ; and do Phew, that belie 4 2