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Imnse:M... 164 The Cofpet1lfyftery Direa. X. ing mull have fome confidence in it, elfe it would have doubting in the very nature of it ; for what man that underflandeth the precioufnefs of his im mortal foul, and his danger of luting it, can ever a- void fear, doubting, and trouble of heart, by any be- lieving, whereby he loth not at all affure hinafelf of his falvation ? The other terms of trufting and refit- ing on jefus Chrift, dtc. whereby faith is often def- cribed by orthodox teachers, muff include afTurance of falvation, becaufe they fgnify the fame thing with believing on Chrift. The foul muff have its fuf&ci- ent fuppoft, tobear it up againft oppreffing fears, trou- bles, cares, defpair, that it may thus'trufl and refl. The right manner of trufting and hoping in the Lord, is, by of uring ourfelves, againft all fears and doubt. ings, that " the Lord is our God, and he is become " our falvatioñ, I xrufted on thee, O Lord t I faid, ac thou art rimy God, Pialm xxxi. J The Lord is CI my rock, and myfortrefs, and my deliverer; my " God, my ftrength, in whom I will trait, Pfaiete " xviii. a. Behold God is my falvation; I willtrutt, " and not be afraid, Ifa. xn 2. 0 my foul`, hope " thou in God, who is the health of my countenance, and my 'God." Pfa.lm xlii. a r. True hope is grounded in God only, that he will biefs us, that he may be an anchor for the foul, fine and ftedfaft, Heb.. Vi. 17, 18, 19 If you truft, rely, and flay yourfelves on Chrilt, or hope in him,withoutaffuring yourfelves at all of falvation by him, you make no better ufe of him, than if he were a broken reed: and, if youwould ftay yourfelves on the Lord, you muff look upon him as your God; as the prophet teacheth, Let him'truft in the name of the Lord, and flay upon his God, lfao I. IQ. If you will reft in the Lord, you mutt believe that he dealeth"bountifully with you, Pfalm. cxvi. 7. or elfe, for ought you know, you May make your bed in hell. And yoû will thewlittle regard of Chrift, and of your own foul, if you dare to reit under the wrath of Gods without any perfuation of a lure m