Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Jireel. X. Of$anff caüvn. tè s tereft in Chrift. People may pleafe themfelves with fuch a wafting or rafting, &c when they are at eafe, but, in time of temptation, it vanifheth away, and appeareth to be no true faith, but is turned into Marne. The foul that liveth in fuch wavering and doubting concerning falvation, loth not flay itfeif nor reit at all; but is like a waveof the fea, driven with the wind, and tofred; he is a double minded man, unflable in all his ways, jam i. 6, 8. if you conti- nue inmere fufpence and doubtfulnefs of falvation by Chrift, your delire to truft, is but a lazy woulding, without any fixed refolution, and you dare not yet venture to truft on him ftedfaftly. ifyou call it on- ly your delire to truft and rely on Jefus Chrift, I may anfwer, that you cannot do this much in aright man- ner except you delire and venture to perfuade and af- fure youríelves of your falvation by him, notwith. Banding all the caufes that you have to doubt and fear the contrary. If it be objedted, that we may truft on Chrift only as a fufficient means offalvation, without any affurance of the circa; I (hall acknow. ledge, that the fufliciencyof God and Chrift is a good ground for us to reff on: but we muft underhand by it, not only a fufficiency of power, but alfo of good will and mercy towards us; for what have we to do more with the fufficiency of God and Chrifl's pow- er than fallen angels without his good will towards us ? And, if this be truly believed; it will exclude doubtfulnefs concerning your falvation. Secondly, Several places of Scripture declare pofi- tively and exprefsly, that we are to be affured of our falvation in that faith whereby we are juftified and Paved. I (hall produce force inftances. We are ex- horted to a draw near to God with full affuranceof faith," Ideb X. za. Many apply this text to that which they call the reflex ad of faith, becaufe they i- imagine that all affurance muft be by refieftion But the words of the text do clearly teach us to under- Rand it of that aft of faith whereby we draw near to