Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

174 The Direct. X. it in much afiliEion, with joy of the Holy Ghoft ; when as yet they had no confiderable time to get af- furance, by refieaing on their good qualifications, r Theft: i. 5, 6. Likewife, the believing Hebrews, when they were illuminated at their firft converfion, took joyfully the fpoiling of their goods, knowing that they had in heaven abetter and an enduring fub. Rance; a,nd this was their confidence, which they were not to caf£ off, becaufe the juft liveth by faith. And therefore it appeareth, that this confidence be. longeth neceffarily to juftifying faring faith, lieb. X. 32, 34, 35, 38 Now, let thofe that alledge the examples or expe- riences of many modern Chriftians to difprove all that I have afferted, confider well whether thefe are fit to be laid in the balance aga;nft all the fcripture. examples and experiences that I have produced out of the old and new Teftament. I confefs that affur. ance of falvation is More rarely profeffed by Chrittt. ans in thefe times than formerly. and we may thank fome teachers for it, that 'have deferted the doétrine of formerProteftants in this point, and vented against it feveral errors, fuch as have been already named ; and now would take advantage to confirm the truth of their doarines for thofe doubtings in Chriftians, that have been chiefly occafioned by it. Biit, howev- er, the nature of laving faith is Rill the fame. And I affert, that, in thefe days, as well as formerly, it al. ways hath in it fome affurance of falvation by Chrift, which doth and will appear, at leaft in refifting and condemning all doubtings, and praying againft them, and endeavouring to truft oftiredly, and to call God Father; except in extraordinarydefertions, by which our cafe muff not be tried. We are not to truft the judgement of many concerning themfelves- They will judge falfely, that they have no atTurance at all, becaufe they know not yet, by marks and Cigna, that they are in a {late of grace already, or becaufe they think that there is no affuratace when there are many C'