Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

'Dire&. X. Of Santlification. jis doubtings, and becaufe it is fo weak, and fo much oppreffedwith doubting, that it can hardlybe difcern- ed, as life in a fainting fit. But, if their judgements be better informed, they may be brought to difcern fome affurance in themfelves. We are alfo to take heed of miftaking thofe for true believers, that are not fo,and ofjudging this point by their experiences; which is a vulgar error. The blind charity of forne moveth them to take all for true believers who are full of doubts and troubles concerning their falvation, though it may be they only are convinced of fin, and brought to force zeal of God that is not according to the knowledge of the way of falvation by Chrifì; and they think it duty to comfort fuch ignorant perfons, byperfuading them that their Hate is good, and their faith right, though they have no affurance of falva- tion. Thus they are brought to judge falfely concern- ing the nature of faith, out of their blind charity to fuch as are yet in ignorance and unbelief; and, in- 'lead of comforting fuch they rather take the dire( tvay to harden them in their natural ftate, and to di- vert them from feeling confolation by faving faith in Chrift, and to ruin their fouls for ever. Fifthly, The chief office of this faith in its dire,(' Paving aft, is, to receive Chrift and his falvation ac- tually into our hearts, as hath been proved; which office cannot be rationally performed, except we do, in force meafure, perfuade our hearts,and affure our- (elves in the enjoyment of him. As the body receiv- eth things into itfelf by the hands and mouth; fo the foul receiveth thofe things to itfelf, and layeth aEtual hold on them, by the faculty of the will, making choice of them, and embracing them in a way of pre- fent enjoyment and poffellion, as it lothbythe facul- ty of the áinderfianding fee and apprehend them. Thus the foul receiveth comfort from outward things; as a righteous perfon cannot receive inward comfort from outward things,as fromworldlyeftate, wife, hufband friends, &c. except he chufe them as