Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

114 theCofpél_Mygery Dirëc`. good, and account them his own by a right and title. This is the only rational way whereby the foul can aaiveiy layhold on Chrift, and take aaual pof efiìon of him, and his falvation, as he is freely offered and promifed to us in the gofpel, by the grace of faith, whichGod hath appointed to beour great inftrument for the receiving of him, and dotingwith him. If we do not make choice ofChrift as ouronly falvation and happinefs, or ifwebe altogether in a Rate of fuf. pence, and doubting whether Godwill bepleafed to give Chrift to us or no, it is evident, that our fouls are quite loofe from him, and have no holdfaft or enjoyment of him. They do not fo much as pretend to any aaual receiving, or laying hold, or chufing of him, neither are they fully fatisfied that it is lawful for them fo to do: but rather they are yet to feek whether they have any good ground and right to lay hold on him or no, any rational man judge, whether the foul dot or can put forth any fufficient aft for the reception and enjoyment of Chrift, as its Saviour, Head or Hufband, while it is yet in doubts whether it be the will of Chrift to be joined with it hi filch a near relation ? Can a woman honeftly re- ceive any one as her hufband, without being afí'ured that he is fully willing to be her hufband? The fame may be laid concerning the feveral parts of Chrift's falvation, which are to be received by faith. It is evident, that we do not aright receive the benefit of remifion of fins, for the purging of our confciences from that guilt that lieth upon them, unlefs we have an aiTured perfuafionof God's forgiving them. We do not actually receive into our hearts our reconcilia.; tion with God and adoptionof children, and the title to an everlafting inheritance, until we can affure our felves, that God is gracioufly pleated to be our God and Father, and take us to be his children and heirs. We do not aCtually receive any fufficient ftrength to encourage our hearts toholinefs in all diffìculties,un- í4l we can believe, that God is with ué, and will not fail nor forfake us.