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T H C O N T E N T S Direction 1. To perform duties required in the latta, ftfi, learn the ejeftual means to attain f great an end, Page i+ Direction II. Four endowments and qualifications necefary: t. An inclination and propenfty o heart thereunto. 2. A perfzafion of our recon- ciliation with God. 3. A perfuafion of our en joynient of everlaßing happinefi. 4. A perfüa- fion of fufficient flrength both to will and per firm. duties acceptably. 23 Direaion III. The way to get thefe endowments to enable for peacftice, is, to receive them from Chrft's fidnef, , by union and fellow/hip. with hinz. 50 Direction IV. The means or infrunzents of this u- nion, and all f Ilowfhip, are, the gofpel, andfaith. Whatfaith is. 66 Direction V. We cannot attain holinef by our en- deavours in a natural Bate, 'without union and f-llowfhip "with Chilli. $; Direction VI. Thofe that endeavour fncere obedi- ence, as the condition to procure a right and title to falvation and as a ground to trufl on Chrjli, do feekfalvation, by the workr ofthe law. 96 Direction VII. We are not to imagine that our hearts and lives nnifi be changed from fn to ho- linef in any meafure, beEre we may trui on Chr 124