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Zvi CONTENTS. Direction VÍII. Seek for holinef, only in its due order, after union, jollification,. and the gift of the Holy Ghofl ; and by faith. Page 137 Direbtion IX. We muff firfl receive the comforts of the gofpel, that We may perform the duties, of the law., 143 Direction X.- That we may, `by gofel comforts, per- form duties of the laws, we mull get afcrance in that veryfaith .whereby we receive Chrifl. 1 j 3 DireEtion XI. Believe on Chriß in a right manner (without delay, and then continue and increafe in faith ; that f enjoyment of Chr f , and union and felloaufiip "with him, and all bolinefs by him may be begun, continued and increafed. 184 Direction XII. Diligently ufe faith for perform- ance of the duties of the lww, by 'walking no long- er according to;your oldElateprinciples, or means of pratrice; but only according to that new Elate you receive by faith, and its principles, and means of praflice. 213 Dire6tion XIII. Make a tight ufe ofall means ap- pointed in the word, for obtaining and praflfng holinefi, only in this 'way of believing and walking in Chrijl according toyour newflute. 244: Direstion XIV. That you may thus f ek holinef only by believing and walking in Chr f, take en- couragement from the great advantages of this (way, and the excellent properties of it. 285 The Sermon-nn Juttificat,ion, 299