Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

:86 ?he Gofpel-illyftery Urea. XI. foul is carried forth in this, by love to him and its own happinefs, which is an affeEtion that maketh even hard works eafy and pleafant: yet it is made difficult tons, byreafcn of the oppofition that it meets with from- our own Inward corruptions, and from Satan's temptationns. 4t is no eafy matter to receive Chrift as our happinefs, and free falvation, with true confidence and lively affe&ion, when the guilt cf fin liethheavily Upon the confcience, and the wrath of God is manifefted by the word and terrible judge- ments : efpecially when we have been long accuf- tamed to leek falvation by the procurement of cur tozin works, and to account the way of falvation by free grace, :retain and pernicious; when cur tufts in- cline us ftrongly to the things of the flefh and the world: when Satan doth his utinoft, by his own fug- geflions, and by faife teachers, andby worldly allure- ments and terrors, to hinder the fincere performance of this duty. Manyworks that are eafy rn their crkii, nature, prove difficult for us to perform in our cir- eurnftances. To forgive cur enemies, and to love them as OlirfehreS, is but a motion of the mind, eafy to be performed in its own nature ; and yet many that are convinced of their duty, find it a hard mat- ter to bring their hearts to the performance of it. It is but a motion of the mind, to cuff our care up- on God for worldly things, and rich men may think they can do it eafily ; but poor men, that have great families, find it ahard matter. Thateafycomfortable duty which Mofes exhorted the Ifraelites to, when Pharoah, with his chariots and horfe men overtook them at the Red Sea, "rear ye not, Rand fiill, and 41 fee the falvation of the Lord, which he will thew. " to you to. day," Exod. xiv. 13. was tot eafily per- formed. The very eafinefs cf forneduties rnakestheir petfortriance difficult ; as Naaman the Syrian was hardly brought to warn and be clean, becaufe he thought it to be too flight and eafy a remedy for the cure of his leprofy, 2 Kings v. tap 13. Even in this