Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

-.-0I11111111.. birea. XI. Of Sane!;cation; its by flight, defpife and vilify the whole cotinfel of God revealed in the fcripture. The law and the gofpel, and Chrift himfel£, are become of none effect to the falvation of fuch. The onlyfruit that fuch an one can attain to, by all the Paving dotrines of the fcrip- ture, is only forne hypocritical moral duties; and floe; ifh performances, ,which will be as filthy rags in the fight of God in the great day. However many mind not the fin of unbelief in their felf-examinations, and write it not in their fcrolls: yet let them know, that this is the matt pernicious fin of all. Ali the fns in theirfcrolls would not prevail to their condemnation, yea, they would not prevail in their converfation, were it not for their unbelief. This one fin prevail- maketh it impollible for them to pleafe God in any duty whatfoever, Heb. xi. 6. If you will not mind this one main fin now, God will at, laft mind you of it with a vengeance: for " he that believeth " not on the Son, fhall not fee life; but the wrath of God abideth on him, John iii. 36. The Lord Jefus 6' (hall be revealed from heaven in flaming fire,tak- i6 ing vengeance on thofe that obey not thegofpel of d6 our Lord Jefus Chrilt," 2 Theft: i. 7, 8. 2. Believingon Chrift, is a work that will require diligent endeavour and labour for the performance of it. We mutt labour to enter into that refs, left a. ny man fall by unbelief, Heb. iv. i F. "We mutt 66 Phew diligence to the full affurance ofhope to the " end, that we may be followers of themwho thro' " faith and patience inherit the promifes," Heb. vi; t i, 12. It is a work that requireth the exercife of might and power; and therefore we have need to ,be ftrengthened with might by the Spirit in the inward man, that Chrift may dwell in our hearts by faith, Tpla. iii. i6, 17. I confefs, it is eafy, pleafant and delicious in its own nature, becaufe it is a motion of the heart, without any cumberfome bodily labour and it is a taking Chrift and his falvation as our own, which is very comfortable and delightful ; and the a P.; 1