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Direst. XI. Of Sanrilfication. 191 erlafting life, before we have any good evidence of our election; becaufe God, that cannot he, hathmade a ggneral promife, " That whofoever believeth on " him, fhall not be a(hamed," without making the leaft difference among them that perform this duty, Rom. x, a E, 12. The promife is as firm, and fire to be fulfilled, as any, of God's decrees and purpof. es ; and therefore it Is a good and fufficient ground for our confidence. it is certain, that all that the Fa- ther bath given to Chrift by the decreeof eternal e,. le :ion,fhall come toChrift: and it is as really certain, that Chrift will in no wife raft cut any that cometh to him, whofoever be be, Join Ili. 37. And we reed not fear that we (hall infringe God's decree of elec- tion, by believing on Chrift confidently for our fal- vation, before we know what God bath decreed conk cerning us ; for, if we believe, we (hall at lait be found among the number cf the efea ; and, if we reefufe to believe, we thall thereby wilfully fort our. felvesamong the reprobates, that (tumbleat the word, being difobedient, " whereunto alfa they are ap- cc pointed," i %'et. ii. 8. I (hall add further, that though we have no evidence of our particular elec- tion before we believe; yet we are to truft on Chrif affuredly, to make it evident to us, by giving us that falvation which is the peculiar portion of the elea. only. All fpiritual faving hicffings, wherewith God bleffeth his people in Chrift, are the peculiar portion of them whom " God hath chofen in Chrilt before the foundation of the world," Eph. i. 3, 4. yet we rr,uit neceffariiy truft or: Chrift for thofe fattingbier- flogs, or have none at all. We are to pray in faith, nothing doubting, that God will remember us with the favour that he beareth to his people ; that we may fee the good of his chafen, and glory with his inheritance, Palm cvi. 4, S. Therefore we are to truft affuredly on God, that he will deal with us as his chafen people. Thus it appeareth that it is not prefumption, but your bounden duty, to aptly your..