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192 rhe !pel- Illyfiiery Direa. X . felves to the great work of believing on Chra for falvation, without 'queftiòning at all before-hard, whether you are cleated or not " Secret things be- long to God, but thofe things that are revealed, " belong unto us, that we may do them," Deut: xxix. 29. The SECONb thing direç:ed to, is, that you ''mall endeavour for a right manner of performing this du- ty. This is a point of great concernment, becaule the want of it will render your faith inefledtual tti fanaification and falvation. The great duty of love, which is the end of the haw, and the principal fruit of fanelification, mutt flow from faith unfeigned, Tim. i. g. There is a feigned faith, that Both not really receive Chrift into the heart, and will not pro- duce love, or any true obedience ; fuch as Simon Magus had, Aets viii. 13, 23. for, notwithftanding his faith', he was in the " gall of bitternefs, and in " the bond of iniquity ;" and fuch as thofe Jewshad, to whomCh rift would not commit himfelf, who did not confefs him, left they fhould be put out of the fy- nagogue, John ii. 23. andxii 43. and fuch as the apo -' tie James fpeaks of, " What doth it profit, my bre- L6 thren, if a man fay he hath faith, and have not " works ? Can that faith fave him ? The devils " alfo believe and tremble," James ii. 14, 19. Take h eed,therefore,leftycudeceiveyour foulswithacoun- terfeit faith, inftead of the precious faith of God's e- lea. The way to (fifth-Tun the one from the oL ther is by contIdering well what is the right manner of that believing which is effeetual to falvation. hly- poc'rites may perform the fame works for the mat- ter, with true faints ; but they are defective in the manner of performance, wherein the excellency of the work doth chiefly confift. One great reafon why many Peek to enter in at the 'trait gate, and are not able, Luke xiii. 24. is, becaufe they are ignorant and defcitive in the right manner of aCting this faith