Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Ve ©feel-1Gly/1ery biree4.I they are known; therefore expea not that I fhould delay my intent, to help yotï to the knowledge of them, by any large expofition of them ; which is a work Already performed in feveral catechifrns and commentaries. Yet, that you may not mifs themark for want of difcerning it, take nótice,"in few words, that the holinefs which I would bring you to, is fpi- !' ritual, Rom. vii. 14 It conflits not only in external works of piety and charity, but in the holy thoughts, imaginations, and affeaions of the foul, and chiefly in love ; from whence all other good works must flow, or elfe they are not acceptable to God ; not only in refraining the execution of Gnful lulls, but in longing and delighting to do the will of God, and in a chea:ful obedience to God, without repining, fretting, grudging at any duty, as if it were a griev- ous yoke and burden to you. Take notice further, that the law, which is your mark, is exceeding broad, Pfal. cxix. 96, and yet not the more eafy to be hit; becaufe you muff aim to hit it, in every duty of it, with a performance of e. ual breadth, or elfe you cannot hit it at all, Jam. ii. o. The Lord is not at all loved with that love that is due to him as Lord of all, if he be not loved with all our heart, fpirit, and might. We are to love e- very thing in him, his juftice, holinefs, fovereign au- thority, all feeing eye, and all his decrees, commands, judgements and all his doings. We are to love him, not only better than other things, but fingly, as on- ly good, the fountain of all goodnefs; and to reje& all fleíbly and worldly enjoyments, even our own lives, as if we hated them, when they stand in comm petition with our enjoyment of him, or our duty to- ward him. We mutt love him fo as to yield ours (elves wholly up to his conftant fervice in all things, and to his difpofal of us as our abfolute Lord, whe- ther it be for profperity or adverfity, life or death. And, for his fake, we are to love our neighbour, even all men, whether they be friends or foes to us;; and