Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

ir 06SPELMYSTERY SANCTIFICATiON, DIRECTION I. That we may aecepiably perform the Duties ffolinefs and lighteoufnels required in theLaw, our_firfi Work is, t6 learn thepowerful and efi factual Means whereby we May iittain to treat an End EXPLICATION. THIS Direeliimi may ferve, inflead of a Pkefieel; to prepare the underflanding and attention Of the reader for thofe that follow. And, Firlt, It acipainteth you with the great end for whichall thofe means are defigned, that are the pin-, fubjea to be here treated of. The fcope of all is, to teach you how you may attain to that prac- tice and manner of life which we call holinefs, righ- teoufnifs, or godlinefs, Obedienee, true religion ; and which God reqiiireth of us in the law, particu- larly in the moral law, ftimmed up in t e ten com- mandments, and more briefly in thofe two glreat commandments of love to God and our neighbour, Matth xxii. 39. And Mort largely explained throughout the holy Szriptures: My work is, to i©whow tha duties ofthis law may be done, whet&