Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

ä Vhe Colpcl-11íj;fjery Dire&. f. ful and effeetual means of performance, before you can fucce sfu'ly apply yourfelves to immediate prac. Lice. And, for this end, I &hall lay before you the confiderations following. tff, We are all, by nature, void of all ftrength and ability to perform acceptably that holinefs and righteoufnefs which the law requireth, and are dead. in trefpaffes and fins, and children of wrath, by the fin of our firft father Adam, as the Scripture witneffeth, Rom. v. 12 ts, r8, tg. Eph. ii> i, 2, 3a Rom. viii. 7, 8. This doarine of original fin, Which Proteftants generally profefs, is a firm bafis' and ground -work to the affertion now to be proved, and to many other afFertions in this whole difcourfe. If we believe it to be true, we cannot rationally en. courage ourfelves to attempt an holy practice, until the are acquainted with forhe powerful and effeaual means to enable us for h. While man continued upright, in the imz.ze of God, as he was at firft created, Eccl. vii. t 9 Gen. i. 27. he could do the will of God fincerely, as foon as he knew it : but, when he was fallen, he was quickly afraid, becaufe of his nakednefs ; but could not help it at all, until God difeovered tohim the means of reltorätion, Gen. iii. to. r s. Say to a ftrong healthy fervant, Go, and he goeth ; Come, and he cometh ; Do this, and he cloth it ; but a bed ridden fervant mutt know firft how he may be enabled. No doubt the fallen an gels know the necefrity of holinefs, and tremble at the guilt of their fin ; but they know of no means for them tó attain to holinefs effectually, and fo con- tinue frill in their wickednefs, It was in vain for Samfon to fay, IT wit/go out as at other timer before, andJhakemyje(,whenhehad finned away hisftrength, Judges xvi 2o. Men Phew themfelves ftrangely for» getful or hypocritical, in profefliing original fin iii their prayers, catechifms, and confeflions of faith ; and yet urging upon themfelves and others the praç >tice of the law,- without the confideration of any,