Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Dire t. L Af SaitEli ic'ation. flrengthening, enlivening means ; as if there were no want of ability, but only of anivity. 2dly, Thofe that doubt of or deny the do ring of original fin, may all of them know concerning themfelves (if their confcience be not blind) that the exac`} juflice of God is againft them, and they are under the curie of God, and fentence of death, for their actual fins, if God fhould enter into jttdge. ment with them, Rom. i. 32. ii. 2. and iii. 9. Gal; iii. ta, Is it poffible for a man that knoweth this to be his cafe, and hath not learned any means of getting out of it, to practife the law immediately, to love God and every thing in him, his juftice, ho. linefs and power, as well as his mercy, and to yield himfelf willingly to the difpofal of God, though God thould inflin fudden death upon him ? is there no fkiii or artifice at all required in this cafe, to en- courage the fainting foul to the praEticeof univerfal obedience ? idly, Though Heathens might know much of the work of the law by the common light of natural reafon, and underftanding, Rom. ii. 14. yet the effeaual means of performance cannot be difcovered by that light, and therefore are wholly to be learn- ed by the teaching of fupernatural revelation. For what is our natural light, but fore fparksand glim- merings of that which was in Adam before the fall? and, even then, in its brighteft meridian, it was not fufficient to dire& Adam, how to recover ability to walk holily, if once he fliculd lofe it by fin ; nor to affure him before hand, that God would vouchfafe to him any means of recovery. God had fet no. thing but death before his eyes in cafe of tranfgrefi 'Ions Gen, ii. 17 and therefore he hid himfelf from God, when the thame of his nakednefs appeared, as expecting no favour from him. We are like ïlieep gone affray, and know not which way to re- turn, until we hear the fhepherd's voice. Can thefe dry bones live to God in holinefs ? ® Lords aw°