Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

iireCt. Iro 0/ Sanfitfication. the wifdomof the wife, and bring tb nothing the undier- fianding the prudent, by difcovering things by his Spirit, that the natural man receiveth not; for they are! o! /hnefs to him, neither can he know them, becaufe they are /piritualiy difcerned, t Cor. i tq 3 t. and ii. t.}. Without controverfy, great is the m fiery ofgodlinefs, r Tim. iii. t{. file learning of it re> siaireth double work; becaufe we mutt unlearn many of our former deeply rooted notions, and become fools, that we may be wire. We múft pray earnettly to the Lord to teach us. as well 'as fearch the Scriptuïes, that we may get this koow- ledge. is O that my. ways',were directed to keep 4' thy ftatutes ! Teach me, OLord, the way of thy 4' ttatures, and I !hall keep it unto the end, Pfalnn 4' CXIX. 5. 33. Teachme to do thy will, Pfaltn cxliii. " to. The Lord direct your hearts into the love of 4' God, z Theis: iii. 5." Surely thefe faints did not fo muchwant teaching and direction concerning the duties of the law to be done, as conct r,ting the way and means whereby they might do them. 7äí/y, The c rtain knowledge of thefe powerful and effeaual means, is of grea;eft importance and necefíìt+y for our eítabliíhment in the true faith, and voiding errors contrary thereunto: for we cannot rationally doubt, that the moral duties of love to God and our neighbour, are absolutely neceffary to trite religion, fo that it cannot fubfift w ithout them, A:d, from this principle we may firmly conclude, that nothing repugnant to the pratice of thefe holy duties, ought to be received as a point of faith delivered to us by the molt holy God ; and that whatfoever is truly necéfiary, powerful and effectual, to bring us to the practice of them, ought to be be- lieved as proceeding from God, becaufe it bath the imageof his Wind's and righteoufnefs engraven up- bn it. This is ä fore tea and touch- (tone, which thofe that aro ferioufly religious will ufe, to try (pirita and their doctrines, whether they be of Gods