Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

-44 1%t Go. petMyj{ery ¡lire . L thou knoweft, and we cannot know it, except we learn it of thee. 4thly, Sanetihcation, whereby our hearts and lives are conformed to the law, is a grace of God; communicated to us by means, as well as juftifica tion ; and by means of teaching, and : learning fomething that we cannot fee without the word, Afts xxvi. 17, t8. There are feveral things per- taining to life and godlinefs, that are given through knowledge, z Pet. i. 2, 3. , There, is a form of doarine made ufe of by God, to make people free from fin, and fervants of righteoufnefs, From. vi. 17, 18. And there are feveral pieces of the whole armour of God neceffary to be known and put on, that we may hand againfl fin and Satan in the evil day, Eph, vi 13. Shall we flight and overlook the way of fanctification, when the Iearning the way of jollification, hath been accounted worth fo many elaborate treatifes ? çthly, God bath given in the holy Scriptures, bi hisinfpiration, plentiful inflrueion in righteoufnefs, thatwemaybethoroughlyfurnifbedforeverygoodwork, 2 rim. iii. 16, 17. efpecialty fince the dayfpring from on high hath vífitedus, by the appearance of the Lord Jefus Chrift, to guide our feet in the way of peace, Luke i. 78, 79. If God condefcend to us fo very low, to teach us this way in the Scriptures, and by Chrift, it muft needs be greatly neceirary for uss to fit down at his feet, and learn it, 6thty, The way of attaining to godlinefs is fo far from being known without learning out of the holy Scriptures, that, when it is here plainly revealed, we cannot learn it fo eafily as the duties of the law ; which are known in part by the light of na- ture, and therefore the more eafily of tinted to. It is the way whereby the dead are brought to live unto God ; and therefore doubtlels it is far above all the thoughts and conjeelures of human wifdom. It is tho way to falvations wherein God will de/lroj