Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

30* The Doc`7rine of Jufti ication what the gofpel teacheth concerning the way ofjuf tification ; for the gofpel only reveals the righteouf- nefs of God, Rom. i. i 6, 17. " I am not afhamed " of the gofpelofChrift: for therein is the righteouf- " nefs of God revealed from faith to faith." So the words are a declaration of the gofpel way of juftitication by the righteoufnefs of God ; and that fo clearly and fully, and the benefit fpoken of, fo great and glorious, being the firft benefit that we re t:eive by union with Chrift, and the foundation of all other benefits, that my text is accounted to be evan- geliüm evangelii, a principal part of thewritten gof- pel, as briefly, and yet fully expreffing this excellent point more than any other text. :. Note in the words particularly, the fubjea declar- ed and explained, viz. juftification of perlons, or their being jufified and the meaning of it here, is, to be cleared and freed from all ambiguities and mil- underftanding. Juf i fication fignifieth making juft, as fan&ification is making holy, glorification making glorious; but not making juft by infufion of grace and holinefs into a perfon, as the Papifts teach, con- founding juftificatiou and fan ificàtiontogether; but makingjuft, in trial and judgement, 'bya judicial fen- tcnce difcharging guilt, freeing from blame andaccu- fation; approving, judging, owning,andpronouncing a perfon to be righteous. Ufe alters the fignificatior* from the notation. It is a juridical word or law term; and hath reference to trial and judgement, i Cor. iv. ^ ¿t. "With me it is avery fmall thing, that I thould be judged of you, or of man's judgement : yea, I ss judge not mine own felf : for I know'nothing by " royfeif, yet am I not hereby juftified; but he that " judgeth me is the Lord." And it is fo oppofed to condemnation in judgement, Deuter. xxv. r. 6" If " there be a controverfy between men, and they " come unto judgement, that the judges may judge t' them, then they fhall jullify the righteous, and " condemn the wicked. And, Matth. sii. 37. ßythy words thou fhalt be j ofified, and by thy words