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opened andapplied. 301 `F thou (halt be condemned " And it is oppofed both to accufation and condemnation, Rom. viii. 33, 34. " -Who fhall lay any thing to the charge of 4' God's ele ? Who is he that- condemneth ? And 'c fo Job ix. 20. If I juftify myfelf, my own mouth cc (hall condemn me, chap. xiii. 15. I will maintain tc mine ownways before him, ver. ;8. I have order- 4' ed my cáufe; I know that I (ball be juftified, ver. cc '19. Who is he that will plead with me ?" Herç juftification is plainly oppofed unto the accufation or fault. And it is as plainly oppofed to the paffing fentence of condemnation, a Kings viii. 32. cc Do, " and judge thy fervants, condemning the wicked, to cc bring his way upon his head, and juftifying the (c righteous; to give him according to his righteouf- cc nefs." In this fenfe it is a fin to j uftify thewicked, Ifa. v. 23. Prod. xvii. 15. Job xxvii. 5. Aelions muft be exiftent already, and brought to trial,. that they maybe juftified, Job xxxiii. 32. Ha, xliii. 9. 26. Juftice or righteoufnefs eonfifts not in the intrin- Fe nature of an a lion, but in its agreeablenefs to a rule of judgement; fo that a6licns are called juli, and righteoufnefs by an extrïnfiçal denomination, with relation to God's 'rule .of judging. And this righteoufnefs appears, by trying the a&ion accord- ing to the rule, and by making an eftimate of it; which efti.rate is either approving or difapproving,, juflifying or condemning, finding it to be fin or no fin, or breach of the law. So we may fay of the righteoufnefs of perfons, with reference to fuck habits or aIings. And becaufe the righteoufnefs of righteous perfons appears when they are brought to trial and jeidgernent, therefore they are faid then to be in a fpecial manner juftified, as if they were then made righteous; viz. when their righteoufnefs is declared; as Chrift was faid to be begotten the Son of God at the refurreftion, Ass iii. 33. becaufe he Was then declared to he the Son of God, Rom. 1. 4. And in the fame fenfe, we that are adopted at pre