Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Birea. I. OfSanfîi, j catfon. to expel, if we ufe not fuch means as God bath appointed to work by. " God meeteth them that remember him in his own ways, Ifaiah lxiv 5. ec and makes a breach upon them that feek him not « after the due order, i Chron. xv. rd." He hath chofen and ordained fuch means of fan(tification and falvation, as are for his own glory, and thofe only he bleffeth to us ; and he crowneth no man that ítriveth, except he flrive lawfully, 2 Tim. ii. 5.4 Experience theweth plentifully, both of Heathens and Chriftians, how pernicious ignorance, or mif taking of thole effeetual means, is to an holy prac- tice. The heathens generally fell (bort of an ac- ceptable performance of thofe duties of the law which they knew, becaufe of their ignorance in this point. (i -) Many Chriftians content themfelves with external performances, becaufe they never knew how they might attain to fpiritual fervice. (2.) And many reject the way of holinefs as au- Pere and unpleafant, becaufe they know not how to cut off a right hand, or pluck out a right eve, without intolerable pain ; whereas they would find the ways of wifdonz (if they knew them) to be ways sfp1eajantnefs, andall her paths to be peace, Prov. iii. 17. This occafioneth the putting off repent.. ance from time to time, as an uncouth thing. (3.' Many others fet upon the practice of holinefs with a fervant zeal, and run very fati; but tread not a ftep in the right way; and, finding themfelves fre quently difappointed and overcome by their tufts, they at lait give over the work, and turn to wallow again in the mire : which hath occafioned feveral treatifes, to thew how far a reprobate may go in the way of religion ; whereby many weak faints are difcouraged, accounting that thofe reprobates have gone further than themfelves ; whereas molt of them never knew the right way, nor trode one ftep aright in it; for, few there be that find it, Dliatth. vii. 14. (4.) Some of thofe ignorant aealae D 2