Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

2 ?'he Gof el y/lery. Direa.11 do inhumanely macerate their bodies with falling, and other aufterities, to kill their luß ç; and, when they fee their hilts are (till too hard for them, they fall into defpair, and are driven, by horror of con - fcience, to make way with themfelves wickedly, to the fcandal of religion. Peradventure God may blefs my difcoveryof thepowerful means ofholinefs fo far, as to fave force one or other fro n killing themfelves% And fuch a fruit as this would countervail my la= hour ; though I hope God will enlarge the hearts of many by it, to run with great chearfuìnefs, joy and. thankfgiving, in the ways of his commandments. D I R E C T I O N Ii. 7 Several Endowments and _Quail cations arenec f f try to enable usfor the immediate Praé ice of the Law. Particularly, we mull have an In- clination ezndpropenjity of our Hearts thereun- to ; and therefore we mull be well perfuadedof our Reconciliation with God, and of ourfuture Enjoyment of the everlalling heavenly Happi nefs, andoffùfcient Strength both to will and performallDuties acceptably, until we come tQ the Enjoyment of that Happinfs. EXPLICATION. r- WHOSE means that are next to the attainment Of the great end aimed at, are firft to be dif- covered, that we may learn how to get them by other means, exprefed in the following directions. 'Therefore 1 have named here feveral q.ialifications n ;d endowments that are neceffary to make up that holy frame and Rate of the foul, whereby it furnifhed and enabled to praaife the law immedi- ately; and that not only in the begiuzíiing, but in