Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

rire!. IL CfSanE1ffcations 21, the continuation of that practice. And therefore, note diligently, that thefe endowments mutt con, tinue in us during the prefent life, or elfe our abi, lity for an holy life will be loft; and they mutt be before praCtice, not in any diftance of time, but only as the caufe is before the effect. I do not fay, that I have named particularly all fuch neceflary qualifications ; but this much I dare fay, that he that gaineth thefe, may, by the fame means, gain any other that fhould be ranked with them ; and this is a matter worthy of our ferious confideration; for few underfland that any fpecial endowments are required to furnifh us for an holy praCice, more than for other voluntary aetions. l'he firft Adam had excellent endowments beftowed upon him for an holy praCtice, when he was firft created according to the image of God ; and the fecond Adam had endowments more excellent, to enable him for an harder talk of obedience. And, feeing obedience is grown more difficult, by reafon of the oppofition and temptations that it meeteth with fence the fall of Adam, we that are to be imitators of Chrift, had need have very choice endowments, as Chrift had; at leaft as good, or fomething better than Adam had at firft, as our work is harder than his. What king going to make war aga.infl an. other king, fitteth not downfirft, and confulteth whe, ther he be able, with ten thoufand, to meet him that cometh againf him with twenty thoufand ? And íhall we dare to rufh into battle againft all the pow. ers of darknefs; all worldly terrors and allurements, and our own inbred domineering corruptions, with- out confidering whether we have fufficient fpiritual furniture to fluid in the evil day ? Yet many con- tent themfelves with fuch an ability to will and do their duty, as they would have to be given to men univerfally; whereby they are no better enabled for the fpiritual battle, than the generallity of the world, that lie vanquifhedunder thewickedone; and there-