Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

ZireFt. II. Of Sanïïf zcatiQM. 31. fin. And therefore I have intimated, that the three other endowments mentioned in the direction, are fubfervient to this as the chief of all, which is fufficient to make it a rational propenfity. This is contrary to thofe, that, out of zeal for obedience, but not according to knowledge, contend fo earne#t ly for free-will as a neceffary and fufficient endow ment to enable us to perform our duty, when once we are convinced of it, and of our obligation to it ; and that extol this endowment, as the great benefit that univerfal redemption hath bleffed all mankind with ; though they confider this 'free-will without any anual inclination to good; yea, they cannot but acknowledge, that, in molt of mankind that have it, it is incumbered with an actual bent and propenfi- ty of the heart altogether to evil. Such a free-will as this is, can never free us from flavery to fin and Satan, and fit us for the praEtice of the law; and therefore is not worthy the pains of thofe that con- tend fo hotly for it. Neither is the will fo free as is neceffary for the practice of holinefs, until it be endued with an inclination and propentit.y thereto; as may appear by the following arguments. Firfi, The duties of:the law are of fuc3a nature, that they cannot poffibly be performed while there is wholly an averfidn of mere indifferency of the heart to the perfortfiance of them, and no good in- clination and propenfity towards the prac`lice of them : becaufe the chief of all the commandments is, to love the Lord with our whole heart, might and foul, to love every thing that is in him, to love his will and all his ways, and to like them as good. And all duties muff be influenced, in their perform- ance, by this love : we muft delight to do the will of God ; it muft be fweeter to us than the honeyor honey-comb, Pfal xl. 8 Job xxiii. 12. Pfal. lxüi. t. cxix 20. and xix. io. And this love, liking, delight, longing, thirfting, fweet relifhing, mutt be continued to the end; and the fire indeliberate'motion of lu:},