Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

rha GGfpel- Tf/ierÿ Direa. 'W; inuftberegulated by love to God and our neighbour and fin muft be lufted againft, Gal. V. 17 and ab homed, Pfalm xxxvi 4. If it were true obediences (as fogne would have it) to love our duty only as a market-man loveth foul ways to the market, or as a Fick man loveth an unpleafant niedicinal potion, or as a captive flave loveth his hard work for fear of a greater evil ; then it might be performed with averfenef3, or want of inclination; but we muft love it, as the market -man gain, as the fick man health, aìs pleafarit meat and drink, as the captive liberty: Doubt;efs there an be no power in the will for this kind of fervice, without an agreeablenefs of our in- clination to the Will of God, a heart according to his own heart, an averfion of our hearts from fin, and a kind of antipathyagainft fin: for we know the proverb, 66 Like loveth like." There muft be an a- greeablenefs in the perfon or thing beloved, to the difpofition of the lover. Love to God múit flow from a clean heart, i Tim. i 5 an heart cleanfed from e- vil propenfities and inclinations. And reafòn will tell us, that the firft motions of loft, which fall not under our choice and deliberation, cannot be avoided with- out a fixed propenfity of heart to holinefs. Secondly, The image of God (wherein God, ac- cording to his infinite wifdom, judged it meet to frame the firft Adam in ri _hreoufnefs. and true holinefs, and uprightnefs, Gen i. a Eph iv. 24. Ecclef. vii. 29 ) confifted in an a ival bent and propenfity of heart to the prai ice of holinefs not in a mere power of will to chufe good or evil ; for this, in itfelf, is neither holy nor unholy, but only a ground -work, on which either the image of God, or of Satan, may be drawn : nor in an indifference of propenfity to the choice of fin or duty ; for this is a wicked difpofition in an intelligent creature that knoweth his duty, and fitteth us only to halt be- tween God and Baal. God fet Adam's foul at firft r. holly in a right bent and inclinations tho' Adaa t