Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Direet. IL Of Sanisïifieatiot. 3g or by the imputation of righteoufnefs to us, Rom. iv. 5, 6, 7. becaufe both are contained in one and the fame juftifying aEt ; as one ac`t of illumination comprehends expulfion of darknefs, and introduc- tion of light ; one a!t of repentance containeth mor- tification of fin, and vivification to righteou(nef:, ; anal every motion from any thing to its contrary, is but one and the fame, though It may be expreffed by divers names, with refpeEt to either of the two contrary terms, the one of which is aboifhed, the other introduced by it. ilia is a great myttery (contrary to the apprehenfions, not only of the vulgar, but of force learned divines) that we mutt be reconciled to God, and jttftified by the remifiion of our fins, and imputation of righteoufnefs, be. fore any fincere obedience to the law, that we may be enabled for the practice of it. They ac- count, that this do.. nine tendeth to the fubverfion of an holy practice, and is a great pillar of Amino. rnianifm; and that the only way to eftabli{h fincere obedience, is to make it rather a condition to be performed before our aE ual juffification, and re- conciliation with God. Therefore fome late divines have thought fit to bring the doctrine of fbrme;r Protelt.auts concerning juttification, to their anvil, and to hammar it into another form, that it might be more free from Antinom.ianifm, and effectual to fecure an holy practice. But their labour is vain and pernicious, tending to Antinomian pro- fanenefs, or painted hypocrify at belt ; neither can the true practice of holinefs be fecure, except the perfuafion of our 'uftification, and reconciliation with God, be firft obtained without works of the Jaw, that we may be enabled thereby to do them .; as I that' now prove by feveral arguments; intend- ing alto to thew in the following directions, that fuck a,perfuafon of the love of God as God giveth to his eople, tendeth only to holinefs, though a mifperr afiun.of it be in many an occafon,of iicentioufneffp