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71íe Geld .Myflery Dire& It image of God confifleth; or elfe we (hall be back- ward and reprobate to every good work, and what- ever freedom the will bath, it Mall be employed only in the fervice of fin. Fourthly, God retloreth his people to banners, by giving to them a new heart, and a rew fpirit, and taking away the heart of (lone eut of their iefh, and giving them an heart ofiefb, Ezek. xxxvi. 26, 27, and he circumcifeth their heart to love him with their whole heart and foul. And he requireth, that we Mould be transformed in the renewing of our rand, that we may prove what is his acceptable will, Rom. xii. a. and David pray- eth, for the fame end, that God would create in him a clean heart, and renew a right fpirit within him, Plaim li. to. If . any one can judge, that this new, clean, circumcifed heart, this heart of fleth, this new right fpirit, is fuch an one as hath no aflual inclination and propenfity to good, but only a power to chufe good or evil, undeferv- edly called free-will, with a prefent inclination to evil, or an indifference of propenfity to both con- traries, it will not be worth my labour to convince fuch a judgement : only let him confider, whether David could account fuch an heart to be clean and right, when he prayed, Pfalm cxix. 36. Incline mine heart unto thy teflimenies, andnot to covetoufnefs. The SECONi3 ENDOWMENT neceirary to enable its for the immediate practice of bonnets, and con- curring with the two other that follow, to work in us a rational propenfity to this praeaice, is, that we be well perfuaded of our reconciliation with God. We muff reckon, that the breach of amity which fin bath made between God and us, is made up by a firm reconciliation táß his love and favour. And herein I include the great benefit of juftification, as the means whereby we are reconciled to God, which is defcribed in Scripture, either by forgiving our fins,