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e Cofel, li4yjiery 29ïrest. Y$ä God t© the creature, and a defire to be hidden from the pretence of God, Gen. íii. 8, ro. which was a. total deftruction of the image of God's bolinefs.' And we have caufe to judge, that from the fame' caufe proceedeth the continual malice, rancour, rage, and blafphemy of the devil, and many notorious Wicked men, againft God and godlinefs. Some may, think. Job uncharitable, in fufpecting, not merely that his tons had finned, but that they had been fo abominabl ywicked astocurie God in their hearts, Job i. 5. But Job Well underftood,, that if the guilt of any ordinary fin lies upon the confcience, it will make the foul to with fecretly, that God was not; or that he were nOt fo juft a judge; which is a fecret curling of God, that cannot be avoided, untieourcon fciences be purged from the guilt of fin, by the offer. ing óf Chrift for us; '6hich was then figured out by the burnt - offerings of Job for his fens. Fifthly, God hath abundantly difcovered to u , at' his word, that his method, in bringing men from fin to holinefs of life, is, firft to make them know that he loveth them, and that their fins are blotted out. When he gave the ten commandments on mount Sinai, he firtt difcovered himfelf to be their God, that had given them a lure pledge of his falvae tion. by their delivery from Egypt, in the preface,` Exod. xx. 2. And during all the time Of the Old Teftament, God was pleated to make the entrance into religion to be by circumcifion; which was not only a fï;;n, but alto a Peal of the righteoufnefs of faith, whereby God juttifieth people, while they are confidered as ungodly, Rom. iv. I I, 15. And this feal was adminïftered to children of eight days old, before they could perform any condition of fincere obedience, for their juftification, that their furni ture for an holy practice might be ready before. hand. Furthermore, in the time of the Old Tefta. ment, God appointed divers wafhings, and the blood of leulls and goats, and the afheo of an heifer fprinit