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DireCt. II. Of ganc? cation. 41. ling the unclean, to prepare and fandify them for other parts of his worfhip in his tabernacle and temple ; to figure out his purging their confciences from dead works by the blood of Chrift, that they might ferve the living God, lieb. ix. I ©, 13, 14, 22. This, I fay, was then figurative fanftification, as the word fanaification is taken in a large fenfe, comprehending ail things that prepare us for the fervice of God, chiefly the remiflion of,fin, Heb. x. 10, 14, i8. Though if it be taken in a ftric fenfe, refpeaing only our conformity to the law, it muff: neceffarily be placed after juftification, according to the ufual method of Proteftant divines. God a fo minded them of the neceflity of purging away their guilt firft, that their fervice might be acceptable, by commanding them to offer the fin - offering before the burnt-offering, Lev. v. 8. and xvi. 3, i t. And, left the guilt of their fins fhould pollute the fervice of God, notwithffanding all their particular expia- tions, God was pleafed to appoint a general atone- ment for all their fins one day every year, wherein the fcape-goat was " to bear upon him all their ini- quities into a land not inhabited, Lev. xvi. 22, " 34." Under the New `Ïeftamellt, God ufeth the fame method, in loving us firft, and wafhing us from our fins by the blood of Chrift, that he may make us priefts, to offer the facrifices of praife, and all good works, to God, even the Father. He en- tereth us into his fervice, by wafhing away our fins in baptifm : he feedeth and ftrengtheneth us for his fervice by remiffion of fins, given to us in the blood of Chrift at the Lord's fupper : he exhorteth us to obey him, becaufe he hath already loved us, and our fins are already pardoned. " Forgive one ano- " they, even as God for Chrift's fake hath forgiven sc you Be ye therefore followers of God as dear " children : and walk in love, as Chrift hath loved " us, Eph. iv. 32. and v. t, 2. 1 write unto you, little children, becaufe your fins are forgiven you,