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9ireft. Iii. Of San9i zcation. of the heavenly reward, do thereby advance their love beyond the love of the apoftles and primitive faints, and even of Chrift himfelf. Thirdly, This perfuafion of our future enjoyment of everlaiting happinefs cannot tend to licentiouf- nefs, if we underftand well, that perfea holinefs is a neceffary part of that happinefs ; and that though we have a title to that happinefs, by free juftification and adoption, yet we mutt go to the poffeffion of it in a way of holinefs, r John iii. I, 2, 3. Neither is it legal or mercenary, to be moved by this per- fuaGon ; feeing the perfuafion itfelf is not gotten by the works of the law, but by free grace through faith, Gal, v. S. And, if it be a working from felf-love ; yet, for certain, it is not that carnal felf- iove which the Scripture condemneth as the mother of fiafulnefs, 2 Tim. iii. 2. but an holy felf love, inclining us to prefer God above the flc fh and the world, fuck as God direaeth us unto, when he exhorteth us to fave ourfelves, Aets ii 40. t Tim. iv. 16. And it is fo far from being contrary to the pure love of God, that it brings us to love God more purely and entirely. The more good and be- rieficial we apprehend God to us to all eternity, doubtlefs the more lovely God will be to us, and our affections will be the more inflamed towards him. God will not be loved as a barren wildernefs, a land of darknefs to us, neither will he be ferved for nought, Jer. ii. 31. Ifaiah xlv. I9. He would think it a difhonour to him to be owned by us as our God, if he had not prepared for us a city, lieb. xi. 26. And he draweth us to love him by the cords of a man, fuch cords as the love ofmanufethtobe drawn by, even by his own love to us, in laying his benefits before us, Hofea xi. 4. Therefore the way for us to keep ourfelves in the Iove of God, is to look for his mercy unto eternal life, Jude ver. 21. The LAST PIDowMENT, for the fame end as