Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

AIN 46 The'GofpehMyfizery DireEt. íl; the former, is, that we be well perfuaded of fufficient flrength both to will and perform our duty accep- tably, until we come to the enjoyment of the hea. venlyhappinefs. '1his iscontrary to theerror ofthole that account it fufficient, if we have arength to prac- tife holinefs,if we will, or to will it if wepleafe; and this is the fufficient ftrength which they earnefily contend for, as a great benefit befiowed on all man- kind by univerfal redemption It is alto contrary to the error of thofe that think the practice of godlinefs and wickednefs to be alike eafy, exceptingonly fame difficulty in the firft alterations of vicious customs, and in bearing perfecutions, which they account to be a rare cafe; fince the kingdoms of the world have beenbrought to the profeffionof Chriiiianity; or that think that God requireth of men only to do their en- deavour, that is, what theycan do; and it is nonfenfe to fay they cannot do what they can do. According to their judgement, it is needlefs to concern ourfelves vouch about fufficient ftrength fur holy praaice. For the confirmation of theaffertion, againft thofe errors, take thefe arguments. Firf1, We are, by nature, dead in trefpaffes and fins, unable to will or do any thing that is fpirit- ually good, notwithifanding the redemption that is by Chrift, until we be aaually quickened by Chrift, Eph ii. I. Rom. viii 7, 8, 9. Thofe that are fuf- ficiently enlightened and humbled, know themfelves to be naturally in this cafe ; and that they do not only want executive power to do good, 'but chiefly an heart to will it, ind to be pleafed with it ; and that, if God work not in them both to will and to do, they (hall neither will nor do any thing pleat- ing to him, Phil. ii. r3. and that, if he leave them . to their own corruption, after he bath begun the good work, they (hall certainly prove vile apofiates; and their latter end will be worfe than their begin- ning. We may conclude from hence, that who- foever can courageoufly attempt the prance of the