Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

?'he Cofpel-?{?yfieryë Direa. III. DIRECTION III. The Way to get holy Endowments and Baalfica- tions nécàry to frame and enable us for the immediate Praélice of the Law, is to receive them out of the Fulnefs of Chrift, by Fellowfhip with him; and, that we may have this Fellow- fhip, we muff be in Chrif, and have Chryi binfe f in us, by a my /cal Union with him. G EXPLICATION. ERE, as much as any where, we have great caufe to acknowledge, with the Apoftle, that, without controverfy, great is the myflery of god- " linefs," even fo great, that it could " not have " entered into the heart of man to conceive it, if God had not made it known" in the gofpel by fupernaturai revelation. Yea, though it be revealed clearly in the holy Scriptures, yet the natural man bath not eyes to fee it there ; for it is fooliíhnefs to him ; and, if God exprefs it ever fo plainly and pro- perly, he will think that God is fpeaking riddles and parables. And I doubt not but it is flili a riddle and parable even to many truly godly, that have re- ceived an holy nature in this way : for the apoftles themfelves had not the laving benefit of it, before the Comforter difcovered it clearly to them, Johnxiv, 20. And they walked in Chrili as the way to the Father, before they clearly knew him to be the way, John xiv. y. And the belt of us know it but in part, and mutt wait for the perfect knowledge of it in another world. One great myftery is, that the holy frame and difpofition whereby our fouls are, furniíhed and e- nabled for immediate praEtice of the law, muff be obtained 44 by receiving it out of Chrift's fulnefs,