Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

mired. III. Of Sane1j-acation. z as a thing already prepared and brought to an exift- ence for us in Chrift, and treafured up in him and that as we are juftified by a righteoufnefs wrought out in Chrift, and imputed to us ; fo we are fanaified by fuch an holy frame and qualifica- tions, as are firft wrought out, and completed ii1 Chrift for us, and then imparted to us. And as our natural corruption was produced originally in the firft Adam, and propagated from him to us ; fo our new nature and holinefs is firft produced in Chrift, and derived from him to us, or as it were propa- gated. So that we are not at all to work together with Chrift, in making or producing that holy frame in us, but only to take it to ourfelves, and ufe it in our holy practice, as made ready to our hands. Thus we have fellowfhip with Chrift, in receiving that holy frame of fpirit that was originally in him: for fellowfhip is, when feveral perlons have the fame thing in common, z John i. 1, 2, 3. This rnyftery is fo great, that, notwithflanding all the light of the gofpel, we commonly think that we muff get an holy frame by producing it anew in ourfelves, and by forming and working it out of our own hearts. Therefore many that are ferioufly devout, take a great deal of pains, to mortify their corrupt nature, and beget an holy frame of heart in themfelves, by ftriving earned), to mafter their finful lufts, and by prefling vehemently upon their hearts many motives to godlinefs, labouringimpor- tunately to fqueeze good qualifications out of them, as oil out of a flint. They account, that though they be juftified by a righteoufnefs wrought out by Chrift, yet they muff be fanü ified by a holinefs, wroug?bt out by themfelves. And though, out of humility, they are, willing to call it infufed grace ; yet they think they mutt get the infufion of it by the fame manner of working, as if it were wholly acquired by their own endeavours. On this account they acknowledge the entrance into a godly life to O 2