Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Diret1. TIT. Of Sancijfieation. which is called in Scripture theold man, was crucifi- ed together with Chrift, that the body of fin might be dettroyed. And it is deftroyed in us, not by any wounds that we ourfelves can give to it, but by our partaking of that freedom from it, and death unto it, that is already wrought out for us by the death of .Chrift : as is fignified by our baptifm, wherein we are buried with Chrift by the applica- tion of his death to us, Rom vi. 2, 3, 4, io, i a. " God fending his own Son in the likenefs of fin- " ful flefh, for fin (or, by a facrce for fin, as in s' the margin) condemned fin in the flefh; that " the righteoufnefs of the law might be fulfill- " ed in us that walk not after the flefh, but after " the Spirit, Rom. viii. 3. S." Obferve here, that though Chrift died, that we might be juftified by the righteoufnefs of God and of faith, not by our own righteoufnefs which is of the law, Rom. X. 4, S, 6. Phil. iii. 9. yet he died alfo, that the right- eoufnefs of the lawmight be fulfilled in us, and that by walkingafter his Spirit, as thofe that are in Chrift, Rom. He is refembled in his death to a corn of wheat dying in the earth, that it may propagate its own nature, by bringing forth much fruit, John xii. 24. to the paffover that was slain, that a feaft might be kept upon it; and to bread broken, that it may be nourifhment to thofe that eat it; 1 Cor. v. 7, K. and xi. 24. to the rock frnitten, that water may gufh out of it for us to drink, i Cor. x. 4. He died, that he' might make, of Jew and Gentile, one new man in himfelf, Eph. ii. tg. and that he might fee his feed, i. e. filch as derive their holy nature from him, 1.- faiah liii. to. Let thefe Scriptures be well obferved, and they wiil fufficiently evidence, that Chrift died, not that we might be able to form an holy nature in ourfelves, but that we might receive one ready prepared and formed in Chrift for us, by union and and fellowfhip with him. 3. By his refurre&ion, he took p©ll:Mon of