Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

6z'. The Gojpe1-M}lery Dire& III, fpiritual life for us, as now fully procured for us) and made to be our right and property by the merit of his, death: and therefore we are faid to quick. erred together with Chrift, even when we were dead in fins, and to be raifed up together, yea, and to be made to fit together in heavenly places, in Chrift Jefus, as our head, while we continue upon earth in our own perfons, Eph. ii 5, 6. His re furrecion was our refurretion to the life of holi nefs, as Adam's fall was our fall into fpiritual death. And we are not ourfelves the firft makers and formers of our new holy nature, any more than of our original corruption ; but both are formed ready for us to partake of them. And, by union with Chrift, we partake of that fpiritual life that hi:, took pcfMm of for us at his refurre uion, and thereby we are enabled to bring forth the fruits of it; as the Scripture fheweth by the fimilitude of a marriage union, Rom. vii 4. " We are married to 66 him that is rifen from the dead, that we might u bring forth fruit unto God." Baptifm fignifieth the application of Chrift's refurrec`Iion to us as well as his death ; we are raifed. up with him, in it, to newnefs of life, as well as buried with him; and, we are taught thereby, that, becaufe " he died un- " to fin once, and liveth unto God, we fhould like- ' wife reckon ourfelves to be dead indeed unto fin, " and alive unto God, through Jefus Christ our " Lord, Rom.. vi. 4, 5, I o, Fourthly, Our fanaifieation is by the Holy Ghoft, by whom we live and walk holily, Rom. xv. 16. Gal. v. 25. Now, the Holy Ghoft firft rated on Chrift in all fulnefs, that he might be communicated from him to us; as was fignified to John the Bap- tift, by the fimilitude of the defcending of a dove from the opened heavens, refting on Chrift at his baptifm, John i. 32, 33. And, when he fanghfl- eth us, he baptizeth us unto Chrift, and joineth us to Cbrift by himfelf, as the great bond of union,