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Dirc!t III: OfSanE7ilicaticn. 63 I Cor. xii. 13. So that, according to the fcripttíral phrafe, it is all one, to have Chrift himfelf, and to have the Spirit of Chrift, in us, Rom. 'viii, 9, io. He glorifieth Chrift for he receiveth thofe things " that are Chrift's, and fheweth them to us, John xvi. 14, 15." He giveth us an experimental knowledge of thofe fpiritual bleflings which he himfelf prepared for us by the incarnation, death, and refurreaion of Christ. Fifthly, The effeaual caufes of thofe four prin- cipal endowments,which,in the foregoing direc`lion, were afferted as neceffary to furnifh us for the irñ. mediate praIice of holinefs, are comprehended in the fulnefs of Chrift, and treafured up for us in him ; and the endowment's themfelves, together with their caufes, are attained richly by'union and fellowfhip with Chrift. If we be joined to Chrif}, our hearts will be no longer left under the power of finful 'inclinations, or in a mere indifferency of inclination to good or evil ; but they will be power- ; fully endowed with a power, bent, and propenfity to the pratice of holinefs, by the Spirit of Chrift dwelling in us, and inclining: us to mind fpiritual things, and to luit agaibft the flesh, Rom, viii. i. 4, S. Gal. v 17. And we have in Chrift a full reconciliation With God, and an advancement into higher favour with him, than the firft Adam had in the {rate, of innocency; becaufe the right.eour nefs that Chrift wrought out for us by his obedi- ence unto death, is imputed to us for our juftifi- cation; which is called the . righteoufnefs of God, becaufe it is wrought by one that is God as well as man; and therefore it is of infinite value, to fatisfy the justice of God for all our fins, and to procure his pardon and higheft favour for us, 2 Cor v. 21. Rom. v ¡9. And, that we may be perfuaded of this reconciliation, we receive the fpirit of adoption through Chrift, whereby we cry, 4b'a, Father, Rom. viii. iÿ. Hereby alfo we. are